Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God's favor

As I attended a meeting Monday night with Pastor, Mrs Pastor and a few others to plan our fall focus on prayer, I was so aware of the Lord's favor on our pursuit. He wants His house to be a house of prayer!

How I am coming to realize the greatest hindrance to faithful worship, or growth, or victory is prayerlessness. We are so stunted in our understanding of prayer it seems. There is so much to learn at the feet of Jesus. There is so much fulfullment, so much nourishment, such abundance untapped when we fail to come to Him.

I started a book by EM Bounds. The intro states that he rose @ 4am and prayed daily until 7am. Three hours with the Lord every day!! As I read his meditations, I am awed at the depth of his thoughts. His understanding of the grace of prayer is profound. He speaks of the relationship between faith and prayer; trust and prayer; longing, and desire and attentiveness to prayer.

When I think about the victories and the failures in my life and the lives of my loved ones, I can see the result of prayer or prayerlessness. Whenever I hear of or observe a victory, I know, I KNOW that prayer is behind it! Whenever I see a mess, I understand the need to pray.

A story a young woman told at a confrence I attended was of her growing up as a good PK (pastor's kid) and then going off to a Christian college, but becoming entangled with the world. She ended up pregnant and ashamed to tell her parents, so she was going to get an abortion. She was on her way, when she described the Holy Spirit spoke to her and she turned around. Out of desperation then, she went to her parents who, of course embraced her. When she told her story, I looked at my mom who was with me, and declared, "She had a praying mom!" My spirit confirmed it. I knew it to be true! She is now working with crisis pregnancy center. God...mmmm...working all for good! Redeemer, Restorer, Rescuer...chooses to work through or prayers.

His favor is on His children when we pray.

Even them I will bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer...my house shall be called a house of prayer. Isaiah 56:7


HisFireFly said...

3 hours a day alone in His presence would be such a luxury! Instead, we need to learn how to remain in His presence as we go about our daily life. It is in His presence that we breathe. In His presence we learn all we need to know. Out of that intimacy prayer is birthed, sustained and energized.
Oh no, now I want to just go rest in Him and leave my other work behind.
Bless you today!

Starr said...

Prayer certainly does make all the difference!! I have experienced that so many times just in the last couple months. God is so amazing!! let's always remember to give Him the credit He deserves!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Pray is of utmost importance! Over at Marsha's Musings she had a post on prayer this week as well! The Lord is trying to tell me something! Praise to God for what he has laid on your churches heart!

Melinda said...

Isn't prayer SO important? I am the point person for a conference we're hosting, featuring Debbie Williams, who wrote Pray with Purpose-Live with Passion (www.debbiewilliams.com). We are trying to infuse our women's ministry and small groups with the importance of prayer. In fact, you might be interested in having her come - she's taking this info around the country for FREE, as God has impressed upon her to get His message out about prayer. You can find out more at her website under "Across the Nation".

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace! I've enjoyed my visit to yours! Oh, and I LOVED what you shared about sheep! :o)


Tiffany Stuart said...

The power of prayer is amazing. The benefit of intimacy with God is unlike anything here on earth. Prayer works miracles.

I love the book Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence about how his life talking all day with the Lord. It's changed my view on prayer. I love knowing He lives in me. I'm almost always aware of his presence. I enjoy talking with God throughout my day. The hard part is listening. But when I do listen intentionally the words I hear touch the depth of my heart. So loving. So tender. So true. That's my main focus lately--learning to listen.

Thanks for expressing your heart. Great post.