Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coffee and Chocolate

I have been very busy lately, and missing blogworld. I love to be encouraged here and I realize how much strength I have gained by daily fellowship. It seems daily life keeps people too busy to connect on a regular basis in my world. So much to attend to...Home, garden, children and all they are into, extended family, daily "surprises" such as car trouble, or leaking dishwashers...I am very grateful for all of you and your openess and love for Jesus!! Thank you!

I have four days left of my 21 day fast from chocolate and coffee. I thought I would give a little report. My days usually contain coffee in the morning and chocolate at least once (being transparent here). I have sadly discovered just how often I reach out for chocolate.

It seemed in the first week, that I was at a loss many times. I would go to get a meal-bar for lunch; they are covered/dipped in chocolate. On hot days, I would have a craving for a blended icey drink; coffee with chocolate mocha. (Have you tried those Archer Farms mixes from Target? mmmmm) When I was on the road a long time, and wanted something to munch when I was driving; m&m's. Honestly nothing else appealed to me!! Deserts at the wedding or the potluck-nope.

When I went to pick up my mom and take her to a prayer meeting I passed a Starbucks, then a Caribeau, then a Dunn Brothers. I was tempted more than once to cheat, but the Lord has kept me. Even at the wedding we attended, they had little tule wrapped jelly beans at all the place settings...guess what flavor they were? Chocolate, cappuccino, mocha and blueberry. I abstained. To the glory of God.

Conclusion: I have noticed that I feel more free. I feel less attached to my routine and more able to do things that I usually put off. Procrastinating less. Accomplishing more. I realize that sometimes a routine (which I love) can become a hindrance to freedom. I haven't decided how I will break the fast, but I think I will need to fast at least once a week from coffee and chocolate, so I don't become so...dependent on the routine of having them again.

There is so much about fasting that I have learned over the years. The Lord is teaching me more. The times I have fasted have brought the greatest breakthroughs.

If you have not tried it, but want to, Stormie Omartain suggests a 24 hour fast that begins after lunch one day and ends after lunch the next day. It is a little easier that way to break into fasting.
The Daniel Fast is abstaining from everything but veggies and water. Or you can fast, like I did, from something that you love...maybe a little too much.


Angie said...

I have thought of your fast a few times this past week. Can I confess...I was about to get an iced coffee???
I told Aimee about your fast--because we have been discussing the need for a fast for some situations in both of our families--as well as the LORD to guide us in an area of ministry.
When you think of it...pray for us---guidance---clarity of thought and wisdom.
I love you dearly!

Starr said...

I am proud of you for sticking to your fast. I know it has been hard. It is freeing, isn't it? I felt the same way when I fasted from Dr. Pepper. I realized I didn't have to gratify every little craving I had. I felt kinda good to recognize that!
Love and Blessings,