Monday, July 21, 2008

Many Hands Make Light the Work

My precious friend had a skin cancer spot removed from her upper cheekbone a few days ago. That after coming off of a week of camping, and in between, taking her 20 yr old daughter to a hospital where 5 of her frineds were suffering from a car accident. A bad one.

We all know what it is like coming home from camping...Loads of laundry, house tasks, yard in disarray, garden needing weeding...but to go to the accident victims (one of the girls is in a coma, with a broken pelvis and brain damage, another with a broken pelvis and internal bleeding...) and then on to her own surgery-exhausting!

Her recovery is restrictive because the cutting is so deep that they have 2 layers of stitches. She is not sudposed to do any stooping or strain in any way so the blood doesn't go to the incision as it heals. They told her it could take 6 months for it to heal completely inside.

So another friend and I headed over to do her weeding this morning, and help her with K.P.

I want to tell you what a blessing it was for us to be together and conquor her tasks in just a few hours. It would have taken an able-bodied person an entire day to do it all herself. It was such a joy to know that we could love on her that way and have such a good time doing it!

We thought, "wouldn't it be nice if we could just go from house to house and work together more often?" It was fun not work!!!

Would you please pray for my friend, that she will heal and be able to manage her busy life with four children along with her yard and garden during her recovery. Pray for her emotions too as the Dr. has told her she has pre cancerous tissue on other areas of her face (like her nose). Pray for her healing.


Angie said...

YES! I will pray. AND for the girls in the accident--God is not only a Father to us---a God of restoration. God of healing. God of mercy and compassion.
That was such a blessing to her that you joined in hands to conquer the work. That is the MINISTRY of the Lord to His children! What a testimony of God's love!
I wish I were there!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

How very nice of you Kathy!!

I'm sure your friend appreciated that very much!

Robin said...

What a sweet thing to do! And work never seems like work when you are doing it together and for someone else does it?
I'm sure your friend saw Jesus with skin on!