Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Fast

A couple of days ago, as I was pressing in to the Lord, desiring Him to make Himself known more to me, I heard him say that He wanted me to give up chocolate and coffee for 21 days. Well I have heard whispers to fast from time to time and I brush them off whenever I walk over by the coffee pot. Excusing it as being "only me" and not God's voice.

This time I knew that it was the Lord. I felt like arguing at first, certainly a groan crept in. But He reminded me that I had offered myself as a living sacrifice. I am His. So I submitted to His authority.

The temptations weren't over though. That first evening I scooped up a dish of my Schwan's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Yogurt, convincing myself "this isn't chocolate, like chocolate chips or a Hershey bar..." As I was scooping, I heard the Lord say, "Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew." I then left the bowl on the counter and went and sat down with my Bible. I said Lord, help me.

Wow, I knew the Lord was telling me that I would be giving up something of eternal value if I allowed the lie and ate that fro-yo. I then went and got the box out of the freezer, and plunked the CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE yogurt back in it's container. (Notice the title made the contents quite obvious!)

Today is my third day. I know that the things I am seeking the Lord for are near at hand. The last time He called me to fast I had a whole list and He has broken through so many things on that list, some which had been strongholds for a long time.

I realize too that just as I sucked my thumbs as a baby, I overate as a teenager, I smoked in my late teens and early twenties as a hairdresser, now I have the Christian woman's vice: chocolate and coffee. The Lord wants me to be free from those things as vices. You wouldn't believe how many times I have discovered in the past two days, I go for "something". Of course chocolate and coffee are okay in moderation, a blessing to be enjoyed, but when He asks me to yield the blessing, I need to be willing.

I recieved a word from the Lord at the She Speaks confrence...that word was FREEDOM and I believe this is one step He wants me to take to further my freedom from earthly attachments.

He also showed me that when we want Him, it costs us something here. When we want eternity we need to die to the temporary.

Jesus, strengthen me to say no to my flesh and carry the cross you ask me to carry. Thank you! Amen.


Becoming Me said...

Beautifully expressed!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Hey Kathy - this is really cool. Unfortunately, I can relate to that feeling when you kind of brush off his nudge explaining it away.

I love how you put that yogurt right back where it was supposed to go.

You will be blessed for your simple obedience!!

God bless!!!

Angela said...

I hope you are doing well with your fast. I have never tried one, apart from obvious sin I've needed to get rid of. I just wanted to tell you that I have really been enjoying your music. I was in a funk yesterday and I played mah jonng and listened to your playlist for about an hour..the worship lifted my spirits so much, so thanks for putting it up. I hope you are having a great day.


Kelley said...

I am so impressed!! Good for you to be obedient to what the Lord has called you to do. So far He is letting me have coffee and chocolate but He has called me to give up other things. I'm glad it is never everything all at once! Thanks for the comment on my "lots of kids" post. When you mentioned coming from a family of 12! kids I got that "slacker" feeling again.LOL My hubby and I only have 1 sibling each so we are the crazy ones in our family. Our children however say they are definitely NOT having big families.

Have a super weekend and I will pray that God will get you through this fast quickly and easily! Enjoy your freedom....

Angie said...

Oh my. You have struck a chord with me. I haven't been called to a fast (yet)...but I have been called to examine some things in my life. Time to go through, clean out and get rid of. Attitude is the main thing under the microscope right now. Work related. But you know...those are the very ones my light is supposed to be shining that they see their way to Jesus. But I fail miserably at times.
I am SO glad you were directed to write this...this will be a "light" for me.
You are beautiful dear Kathy!

Starr said...

Kathy, I am proud of you for following His leading. It is hard sometimes to give up certain things. When we start to, we then think maybe it wasn't God at all. I think we do that because it is such a struggle.
He once told me to fast from Dr. Pepper. Sounds funny, I know, but it truly has a hold on my taste buds. It took lots of will power to give it up for 4 days, but I did. Every time I wanted a Dr. Pepper really bad, I would read the scriptures and pray. Learned a lot that 4 days. I now listen intently to Him when He requests I give up something. It always works out for my good.
I'm praying for your strength, sister!