Thursday, August 7, 2008

A little late in the day, but wow!! Let the list begin!! I am thankful for:

This perfect day! The weather was like a kiss from the King!

The beauty of God's creation. My yard is in full bloom, and the grass is mowed and I was able to just sit and look at it for awhile today.

My house is a house of prayer...2 people stopped over for prayer Tuesday, one was a neighbor who is being tested for lukemia next week, and another "sister" from my small group looking for support. The cool thing is they were here at the same time, so Jodi (neighbor) got two to pray for her!!

My prayer time with Ethan in the morning. His name means "Steadfast Heart" and when he prays I can see him living up to it!

My husband had a breakthrough on Sunday. He was under a dark cloud for the last several weeks, and I was awakened @ 3am Sunday to pray. I cried out to the Lord. During the service the Lord spoke to him and he has been walking in light since then!!

Kayla will be coming home Sunday from her summer @ camp as counselor, and a week later we will be attending the Barlow Girl concert (16th) and on to vacation in the UP of Michigan!

My young friend, Reverie, who I have mentored over the past few years sent me a beautiful mug that says "mocha". Thanks Rev!! I love ya! She just started a blog...

And finally, just had to let you know again I am thankful I got to meet Heather on Monday! & Between her and Angela I was able to figure out the linking thing!! Thanks girls!!


Genny said...

What a beautiful blog! Love your pictures, and love the verse in your header.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Angela said...

It's hard to trust God sometimes, but I am ready to jump in. No more standing at the edge. I had another iffy day at work, but I know God is with me cause he showed up in a very specific answer to prayer that is amazing me (he brought my period three days early so that I wouldn't be in pain while hosting my best friend's baby shower on Sunday. I prayed for it to come early. It's like clockwork, so the fact that it came early can ONLY be God.) Sorry if its too much information but it is such a wonderful thing to me to when God does things that are undeniable him. Praise him who shows himself faithful. It lightened my heart and my attitude which may have otherwise drifted toward negativity. So, I'm going to have a harder time being anxious if God will show up or not! That's something to be thankful for.

Denise said...

Such an awesome thankful list, bless you.

chandy said...

Hi there...I stumbled on your blog from the Thankful Thursday list, and I just thought it was so nice and peaceful, especially with your beautiful music playing. Thanks for hosting a peaceful place on the internet!