Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am so thankful today for God's mercy, patience and grace for such a "wretch like me". I had a really huge challenge with my attitude, and failed off and on to keep my focus on pleasing the Lord rather than grumbling about a job that was "laid on me" (as my old nature was trying to convince me).

I am also really thankful that even though I failed God, he graciously gave me opportunities in the muck...

I have been gifted with the gift of paint, that's right, PAINT. Therefore I get called to use my gift. Makes sense. I have a gift -I should use it. I am grateful that it is acknowledged, and I would feel bad if I didn't get called (you know how that is?) It is also pride to take a job when your life is too busy to do it. Hmmm. Actually I agreed to get the paint and oversee the project-thought I could handle that. It was announced from the pulpit that we needed painters.

The first week I got approached after service by two little guys; 11 and 9. I thought, "okay, when a couple of people sign up who are good at painting, I'll give them a call". Another anouncement was made the next week, no response. Finally, last week I had two women agree to do it, but they don't trim. Okay...

We need to get the classrooms painted and the carpet laid before fall Sunday School starts and I am leaving on vacation on Monday. (MIL staying here and running the shop for me!)

After I was enlisted to get paint and oversee the project, the youth pastor showed me that the area where they took the walls out from between the two rooms had not been textured and I would have to figure out something to roll on there. Here is where my heart's challenge began...

Now I have to figure this out and I'll have to do it myself (wahh, wahh wahh), and I told them I have no time. How did this fall on me? (please don't count the personal pronouns-it's ugly!) Why didn't the SHEETROCK TAPERS do the job???

So Tuesday afternoon I went to the local hardware store to ask Paul what to do.

On my way in a young mom with a little girl approached me and asked me for $4.80 so she could call her mom in Illinois. if they ask for your shirt, give them your tunic as well... I had, (guess how much) in my wallet, $4. and some change. I gave her the money and blessed her. Then I went in and Paul sold me some sheetrock mud to mix with the paint and roll on. Okay, sounds pretty simple.

When I checked out, the young woman at the register was a newly single mom who I have connected with in conversation a few times. She has two middle school girls who have been coming to youth group for a few years and whom I have gotten to know. She ended up telling me her whole story. Her husb had been cheating on her for 1.5 yrs with a girl she sat at soccer games with. They had girls the same age. I was heartbroken and heard the Lord say something like "workin' it out for good" (He meant my being there after feeling inconvenienced & having an ugly martyr mentality)

I ended up offering to spend time with the girls if she wanted me to. They are having an understandably hard time.

Thank you Lord, that you could use me to encourage her despite me!

I had an idea last night. Kayla isn't working now, and I could get her to run the shop for me this morning, so I could get my part done with the painting. The texture and trim. So I headed in, after being detained with a phone call, and spend four hours there getting the job started for the girls who will do the rolling on Tuesday next week. NO BIG DEAL!

I am humbled, and satisfied because of this mercy, patience and grace mentioned above.

Me-wretched, HIM-GOOD! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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JadeMerie said...

It's amazing what God can do with any of us! I'm glad you could be an encouragement. Happy Thankful Thursday.

Denise said...

May God sweetly bless you dear one.

Schotzy said...

Thanks fo sharing! Your post is very encouraing and authentic! praise the Lord for He is good!

Kristi said...

This was a great TT post! God is so evident in your life. Blessings to you.

HisFireFly said...

Even when we come kicking and screaming into obedience there is still a blessing for doing so! I'm glad you were able to quickly see the fruit.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Hi Kathy,

Thankful you were there to serve in many ways this week even with your grumblings. I've offered to paint for people too and then have found myself with a bad attitude before or during the project.

Actually this week a close friend of mine said to me, "Why are you making your blessing a curse?" Referring to my gift. :)

God is good all the time. His love is not based on our behavior, He amazes me.

You are precious to your Heavenly Father! Always!