Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Youth Room

I was browsing my photos and thought I would post a couple of pictures of our youth room. We just finished adding on to the church last spring. We added a new wing with nurseries, bathrooms and a youth room.

When we were meeting and discussing paint and decorating, it was mentioned that we needed the room to really look like it belongs to youth. Well, I got out the trusty JC Penney catalog for inspiration, and this is what we came up with.

Kayla (my daughter) did the computer work, and we blew it up and I made a stencil out of 6 large pieces of tagboard. I was a little nervous about it falling apart as I had to put it up and take it down so many times, but the Lord held it together real good!

The 2nd picture is just before the dedication service, we moved the whole congregation into the room and had testimonies and singing. (The name of our youth group is "Recharge")

I had my scrapbooking friend do the posters in the frames with charachter qualities in them in the colors of the room. I will have to remember to take pictures of them close up. They are awesome!

Come to think of it...Recharge is what happens whenever I read blogs! Thanks Friends!

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