Friday, August 8, 2008


I have read much in blogworld about going deep with God and the treasures that are awaiting. Sometimes it begs the question(s) to be answered: "What does that look like?" or "How do you go about it?"

There are some things brought out such as the cost...being willing to sacrifice time, or to sacrifice material things, or to go out of your comfort zone..

I would add fasting and worship beyond what we normally do. Perhaps giving up a day and going into your sanctuary and worshiping and praying. Seeking with our whole heart. Or reading books (or blogs!) instead of watching TV...

As I just finished a book entitled "Worship Warrior" by Chuck Pierce, and I am now reading "Desperate for His Presence" I am gleaning treasures from the deep that the authors are sharing with me. Things that Jesus has taught them over time, or through other authors.

By the way, isn't it awesome how we enhance each other's knowledge of God by sharing what He teaches us!! I just get pumped!!!!!!!

In Desperate for His Presence, Rhonda Hughley talks about returning to covenant with God. (This book is mainly about God bringing transformation/revival to people, cities and nations.)
So here is the treasure I want to share today:

Covenant is simply an arrangement between two parties with specific and mutual obligations to be fulfilled. A binding agreement that requires a commitment to responsibility and action.

She describes steps involved in covenant-making; a number of things were exchanged between the two parties which symbolized them being one.
1. the exchange of robes represented an exchange of identity.
2. the exchange of belts symbolized the sharing of strength and assets.
3. the exchange of weapons symbolized the exchange of enemies. (isn't that one profound!)
4. the sacrifice of an animal making it a blood covenant. (our Savior)
5.and finally they exchanged is the treasure (maybe y'all already knew this, but it was a wow moment for me!) Abram was changed to AbrAHam. "AH" comes from Yahweh, so Abraham was given God's name when they made a covenant. God also took Abraham's name..."The God of Abraham...."

Think about SarAH as well.

Next the author speaks of two types of covenant treaties. One between equal parties (parity) and one between a King who posessed everything, and a peasant who possessed nothing (suzerainty). It is obvious which one is ours with God (smile). So in our covenant with Him, we are the recipient and He the giver of identity, assets, strength, enemy (and assured victory), and the blood of the Lamb.

Talk about treasure! We can also look over the list and think in terms of our marriage covenant. What rich things to meditate on.

Jesus, thank you for such a rich treasury that you have given to us, your Bride. Thank you that you love us so much that you gave all to be in relationship with us. I am in AWE!


Angela said...

I am thankful for the way that you seek God each and every day. You really do encourage me and make me smile! I also learn from you, which is a big blessing because I need all the help I can get! Can you imagine the big blog party we're going to have in heaven? Can't wait!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I love the things I learn from others here in blog land too! It so enhances my spiritual life as well!

Robin said...

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing - I really loved all the description of Covenant. And the part about Him being the King and having everything and we are the peasants with nothing - that brings tears to my eyes. He still wants covenant with us - even though we have nothing. He is truly amazing! How merciful He is.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Loved reading the nuggets you've found their the books you are reading.

Yes, this is something to meditate. Especially with being married like you mentioned.