Thursday, August 28, 2008

Upon Returning

Vacation is good. Coming home is good.

But being the "type A" that I am, I get overwhelmed by the unpacking and getting things back in order. It was compounded this time because as we drove in the driveway, my flowers looked so sad from no rain the entire week we were gone. They were in full glory when we left-I guess I thought they'd stay that way!

I also came home to boxes of fall merchandise for the store to unpack. I had promised customers I would have some fall items out the end of August, which didn't leave me much time when I was returning on the 25th! (I don't get why some want to push fall forward for the life of me-summer here is so short-but I love 'em so I accomodate!)

I set about unpacking, laundry, watering, opening boxes, pricing, and rearranging the shop a bit before Wed (my hours are Wed-Sat 10-5).

Tonight I feel a bit back to normal, and clear-minded (sigh).

Usually when one returns from vacation that is what they talk about...Sorry, I had to dump the uglies first.

For vacation, we went to the U.P. of Michigan. For those who have no idea what that is, it stands for the Upper Penninsula. It actually is an extension of Wisconsin. We rented a cabin for a week on the Menomonie River. The Lord gave us perfect weather & lotsa fun!

We have friends in Marquette, which is on Lake Superior. They are wonderful hosts. They took us along the coast and told some local stories and history, then we hiked up Sugar Loaf Mtn to get a panoramic view of the city and the giant blue lake. It was breathtaking. I haven't loaded my photos yet-coming soon!

We then drove out a long, windy, narrow road for several miles to a little cabin on the Dead River, where she insisted we stay for the night so we didn't have to drive back to our resort. There was a beautiful beach on which I became a whale (laid out in the sun I mean) and watched my children-all three of them dig ditches in the sand and fill them with water. I LOVE that, when they are just like 8 years old. It was heart-warming.

We took a pontoon ride, sat in the sauna, visited, and nodded off. The next morning we had to visit a coffee shop that Dale's co-worker owns. We then headed back for Iron Mountain, where we fished, (well, I just laid in the boat) and ate and lounged and ate and slept and ate and toured and ate........and yes, I felt like a slug-you know how that is?

Then we went ORVing or ATVing or four wheeling-whatever you call it. I have read Wild at Heart-you know, the book about men and their thirst for they love their women to love it I put myself at the mercy of the Lord, strapped on my husband's too-large-for-my-head helmet, his gloves, and goggles, and off we went. I think I will post just on this adventure another time. Let's just leave it with WE ARE ALL STILL ALIVE-okay?

And I did get my romance (the other book, which I was reading on our trip: Captivating-the one about women and their thirst for romance or beauty). Mornings on the river were beautiful. When I woke before everyone else, the Lord beckoned me out to the swing that was on a little connected island, right near the river so I could admire the sunshine dancing in the water as I drank deep from the River of Life.

It's good to end a story with the sweet stuff. Actually, it's all good (I love that saying), even the return challenges- because I appreciate God's mercy and patience all the more when He continues to love His "type A".


Tiffany Stuart said...

Oh, Kathy,

What fun. Your vacation sounds like you a variety of beauty, adventure and time relaxing with family and friends. Can't wait to peek at your pictures. I love how pictures tell a story.

Enjoy the beginning of fall. A change from summer!

Hope your store continues to be a blessing to you and others!

Genny said...

What a great vacation! Mornings by the river...beautiful!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I had yours on this morning as I was getting ready to leave the house. The music is fabulous. Any recommendations for a new praise/worship CD? I'm craving some new music.

I've enjoyed reading some about you on your blog. We share an affinity for chocolate among other things. I, too, am looking forward to Fall. The cool and color of the season nearly takes my breath away.

May God continue to bless your life and ministry and "shop" with his abundant favor and joy! As always...

peace for the journey`elaine

Julie said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation.

I too have read Wild at Heart. In fact I've read almost all of John's (and Stasi's, Captivating) books.

Have you finished Captivating? I'd be curious to know your favorite part.

I am glad you came by to visit me today. I am glad I have met you.

Have a blessed day,
PS. I loved the music...while reading....

fortresstower144 said...

Hi Kathy,
Cool pics! Looks like you guys had a fun vacation. The painting went well, it was great to meet Jan, she is very nice. I am looking forward to church this upcoming Sunday.
Talk to You later-